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Fertility management


NFM Professional is a range of nutritional and herbal supplements specifically designed to assist you and your partner in preparation for a healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond. Our products are used to prepare you and your partner to be as healthy as you can be, prior to and into this important life stage.

NFM Professional is available through qualified healthcare professionals, ensuring your individual needs will be assessed and addressed.


Words from the minds behind NFM Professional and the practitioners who pioneered Natural Fertility Management in Australia:

"At my clinic, The Jocelyn Centre in Sydney, we are thrilled with the excellent results we are getting with our new range from Key Sun. Whether we are helping patients with a history of fertility or reproductive health issues, or those prospective parents who just want the very best for their baby, we are rewarded time and again by delighted parents bringing in their healthy, beautiful babies to show us. I’m confident all practitioners will find the range gives them the very best results. What a privilege to be involved in such wonderful work!" Francesca Naish

"My own boys' wonderful start to life, their continuing good health and our positive experiences as a family have been the inspiration for my work and are what I wish for all families! But beautiful, bright, happy healthy babies don’t happen by accident. They have their foundation in the time before conception, so I’m delighted to be able to offer the very best nutritional support for that period and beyond." Jan Roberts