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NFM Professional is a range of nutritional and herbal supplements specifically designed to assist you and your partner in preparation for a healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond. Our products are used to prepare you and your partner to be as healthy as you can be, prior to and into this important life stage.

In an age when reproductive health is moving away from being viewed as a natural and self-managed part of life, and is instead being increasingly managed in laboratories, operating rooms and in the hands of 'experts' - we at Natural Fertility Management, believe strongly in the inherent and natural capacity of women and their partners to manage their own fertility, in order to avoid or achieve conception, and in their right to the information which will enable them to do so - without unnecessary recourse to drugs, devices, surgical or technological intervention.

In an age when environmental imbalance, food pollution and toxic lifestyles are increasingly leading to reproductive health problems, to cycles of ill-health across the generations, and to a rise in infertility - we, at Natural Fertility Management believe strongly in the power of good nutrition, natural remedies and clean lifestyles to return balance to the micro-ecology of the body, resulting in optimal reproductive and general health of parents, in the unproblematic management of reproductive health needs, and in the consequent good health and strong constitutions of our children.

Our vision at Natural Fertility Management is to create optimal health for ourselves, our children and future generations, by making known the specific methods of fertility awareness, nutrition, natural therapies, lifestyle and environmental approaches which lead directly to peak reproductive health, empowered self management of fertility, and to the birth of healthy new generations – in an increasingly toxic world. These methods call for the practice of healthy lifestyles which furthers our ultimate vision of playing a responsible part in the movement toward a sustainable, environmentally friendly and healthy future for this planet, and all those living on it, now, and into the future.



NFM Professional is available through qualified healthcare professionals, ensuring your individual needs will be assessed and addressed.


Introducing the mind behind NFM Professional


Francesca Naish pioneered specialised methods of natural fertility management over 35 years ago as a direct result of searching for better ways to manage her own fertility in a climate where reproductive health was increasingly becoming medicalised instead of being viewed as a natural and healthy part of life. In addition to her work on contraception and general reproductive health, she pioneered the concept and practice of 'preconception health care' which is now a term in common use throughout both natural and orthodox approaches to fertility and pregnancy. Due to the demand for this information, Francesca wrote her first best-selling book Natural Fertility and has since co-authored, with Janette Roberts, a further four books including The Natural Way to…Better Babies, Better Pregnancy, Better Birth & Bonding and Better Breastfeeding, with international editions published in several countries.

Francesca remains at the forefront of the field by engaging in continued research and development of the increasingly popular and critical areas of natural fertility management, preconception health care, reproductive health and all associated health modalities. She continues to practice at The Jocelyn Centre for Natural Fertility Management and is a popular lecturer and speaker at colleges, seminars and conferences in Australia and overseas. She also appears frequently on radio, TV and in print media and has trained many health practitioners nationally and internationally in Natural Fertility Management.


Some of Francesca's books include:

Natural Fertility

The Complete Guide to Avoiding or Achieving Conception 
by Francesca Naish
Sally Milner Publishing, Sydney, Australia, 1991


The Natural Way to Better Babies 
Preconception Health Care for Prospective Parents
by Francesca Naish and Janette Roberts
Random House, Sydney, Australia, 1996.

The Natural Way to a Better Pregnancy
by Francesca Naish and Janette Roberts
Doubleday, Sydney, Australia, April 1999